SOW Evangelism APP Training

SOW Evangelism APP Training

A Note from Pastor Robby:

Dear Trinity,

I am so excited to finally get started using the SOW Evangelism App!! I have been looking forward to this since Evangelist Jon Reed first shared his idea for the app with me. Many of you downloaded the app this past Sunday during the life group hour. Before I go further in encouraging follow-thru, let me address an anticipated hesitation. It has to do with avoiding a Pharisaical mentality.

Some of you may feel strange about tracking your time in prayer for the lost, getting “points” for those prayers, intentional acts of kindness, or experiencing spiritual victories from day to day. Remember, this is about building habits and bringing intentionality and accountability to those things we should already be about. If you want to make sure it doesn’t become a source of spiritual pride or bragging rights before God and others, simply begin to calculate the amount of time you will spend watching sports or your favorite TV programming, scrolling through social media or other websites, or giving in to the temptations that so easily entangle. In fact, this app will likely pull you away from much of that!

Please understand that the app is designed to keep us focused on what’s most important, your relationship with God and your witness to a lost world. Much like a “read through the Bible in a year” app, it will help you track how you are doing until these disciplines become habits.

So, I plead with you to download the “SOW Evangelism” app from the App Store or Google Play if your phone allows. Create and login for yourself. Then plug in the church code:  649813

Begin to explore the app. Check out the video below if you’re a visual learner! Everything will begin to come to you as far as its functionality. Then watch your heart for prayer, witnessing, the church, and our Lord begin to grow over time.

Thanks for being a part of this exciting project!

Pastor Robby

check out this video tutorial!

Peavine Baptist Church in Rock Springs, GA put together this tutorial video to help folks learn how to use the “714 Revival” App! We have edited a few parts of it to make it applicable to Trinity and the REACH Crusade!
NOTE: The “714 Revival App” and the “SOW Evangelism App” are the same!

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