WHY? Series


5.5.19 – 8.4.19

“We do what we do, because we value what we value; and we value what we value, because we believe what we believe.”

Join us as we see WHY we believe what we believe – and therefore, do what we do.

Part 1: Why We make a Big Deal About the Bible


Part 2: Why We Elevate Biblical Womanhood


Part 3: Going all out – why we prioritize the call of god on every life!


Part 4: Why We Believe Jesus is the Only Way


Part 5: WHY We Prioritize Next Gen Ministry


Part 6: Why We Believe in the sanctity of human life


Part 7: WHY We Call Men to Step Up


Part 8: Why We are committed to cooperation


Part 9: WHY We emphasize the Spirit-Filled Life


Part 10: Why We Believe The Spiritual Gifts Must be Used
to Enlarge the Kingdom of God


Part 11: WHY We Still Believe in the Sacredness of Marriage


Part 12: Why We Practice Believer’s Baptism


Part 13: WHY We Still Believe Biblical Creation


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